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Find the Seed Bank at

Birdies Coffee House & Bar

Folly Hill



Everyone's welcome to use the Seed Bank.


The number of flying insects in the UK has plummeted by nearly 60% over the last 17 years, which is why we want to see more plants (which provide food and habitats) in our gardens.

We can support struggling wildlife, and increase biodiversity, by swapping and sharing excess shop-bought and home-grown seeds via the Seed Bank.


The Seed Bank can be found at Birdies Coffee House & Bar in Farnham Park (Folly Hill, GU9 OAU).


To use the Seed Bank, you'll have to first contact us so we can give you the code to unlock it.


This way we can keep a record of all users. Please note your privacy is important to us, and you can view Privacy Information here.

The Seed Bank will work on an honesty system.

Farnham Seed Bank

This means that if you take seeds from the bank you look to put some back. We also accept any type of seed, and ask that they're collected and stored properly (in labelled paper bags, filed alphabetically in the containers provided). Any problems, please get in touch.

When you use the Seed Bank, you'll be added to our mailing list (unless you specify otherwise), where you'll be kept up-to-date with any meet ups we arrange.

Our next meet up is due to be at Birdies in April 2024. See our Events page for details.

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