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The Big FARNHAM Fightback

Updated: Sep 13, 2021

During autumn 2021, families will come together to help fight climate change in monumental tree-planting events that will help re-wild parts of Farnham Park and Weybourne Nature Reserve. This kid-friendly activity is a great way to show the importance of protecting our natural environment both now and for future generations; I certainly hope my own kids will visit the site(s) when they're adults, and show their children the trees they helped plant there.

There are currently three areas across Farnham Park and Weybourne Nature Reserve to plant trees, with the idea to form:

  • Two mixed Hazel and Hornbeam coppices at Farnham Park

  • an Alder Carr at Weybourne Nature Reserve

If you'd like to get involved in these projects, buy your tree here now.


Farnham Park

A 320-acre medieval deer park, with a boundary that has remained unchanged for 600+ years, Farnham Park is a mixture of grassland, veteran trees, avenues, dells, hills, valleys, ponds and streams. At its highest points it boasts impressive views over the town, and is a Site of Nature Conservation Importance, area of Historic Landscape Value, Grade 2 listed Historic Park and Garden, Local Nature Reserve and has received Green Flag status. (1,2)

The park is currently managed using traditional methods (i.e. coppicing, thinning in the woodland, hay making and cattle grazing) by the Waverley Country Management team, and