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22 reasons to be (a bit) climate-positive in 2022

Updated: Nov 3, 2023

Happy New Year everyone! We have so many brilliant projects planned this year, and can't wait to share them with you soon. In the meantime let's start 2022 on a high with reasons to be optimistic about the months ahead.

From COP26

1. 197 countries will form stronger climate action plans which will include phasing down coal use, and a phasing out of fossil fuel subsidies.

2. We'll see an increase in the number of solar, wind and other renewable energy facilities vs fossil fuel ones.

3. Developing countries will receive double the finance to help adapt to climate-change impacts.

Changes in Industry

4. Sustainability in business will rise and analytics will make it easier for companies to track and disclose ESG (Environmental, Social and Governance) data in real time.

5. Green products are set to occupy bigger shelf spaces in shops.

6. Working from home will be normalised for many, significantly reducing emissions from commuting.

7. Electric vehicles will increase as more car manufacturers move away from fossil fuels.

8. IKEA is going to limit plastic packaging, and aims to be plastic free by 2025.

Big Names

9. The Queen wants you to plant a tree to help celebrate her 70 years on the throne.

10. Ed Sheeran is buying land to plant trees.

11. Coldplay have pledged to plant a tree for every concert ticket sold.

Global News

12. Costa Rica is protecting 10x more of its ocean than last year (from 3% to 30%).

13. NYC is banning natural gas hookups from all new buildings - this will save 2.1 million tons of CO2 emissions by 2040.

14. Greenland has permanently banned all oil and gas exploration.

15. Portugal has shut down its last remaining coal plant.

16. France has banned plastic food wrapping in its supermarkets.

In the UK

17. Farmers in England will be paid to rewild their land.

18. Sadiq Khan (Major of London) released £600,000 to help the city reach net zero.

19. Every household in Wales will be offered a free tree to plant to help tackle the climate crisis.

20. Bison will be reintroduced to the UK this year (the first time they've roamed here for 1000s of years), to help rewild a pine forest in Kent.

21. The plant-based diet movement is continuing to rise - helping reduce global warming and environmental degradation caused by animal agriculture.

22. The number of tree-planting companies, like ours, has exploded, making it easier than ever to offset some of you/your families/companies' emissions.

Amazing! Hopefully this year we'll keep the momentum going and make even bigger climate-positive changes. And, as always, watch this space for more exciting tree planting news and events from Green Up Britain.

You can help us Green Up Britain via -

  • Donation - every penny helps restore nature around the UK

  • Volunteering - join our growing list of helpers

  • Sponsorship - we'll plant trees on behalf of your company

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