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Ensuring Green Up Britain is a sustainable business

Updated: Nov 3, 2023

A couple of weeks ago I (Kaz) was lucky enough to complete the BEC (Birmingham Enterprise Community) Sustainability and Circular Economy course, as part of the Buckinghamshire New University and European Regional Development Fund.

It was a great way to gain a deeper understanding of sustainability and circular economy, two words bandied about a lot in business these days. Not only do I now fully understand what they mean in practice, but I can now spot the difference between talk and action. This is an important skill to have to ensure that we, as a business, only work with companies who help not harm the environment.

Another key learning point was to look at how we operate, and identify areas where we can improve and reduce our carbon emissions. So, from now on, we will:

* add reclaimed water butts to our planting sites (to collect rain water for use during summer droughts and dry periods)

* install solar panels in our place of work

* begin creating our own compost and leaf mould for planting (to reduce reliance on plastic-wrapped, store bought varieties)

Together these actions will significantly reduce our emissions as we continue to grow.

In the future, when funds are available, we aim to buy an electric van to travel between planting sites, and will continue to monitor and refine our practices moving forwards.

We are not perfect at the moment, but are dead-set on getting there!

You can help us Green Up Britain via -

  • Donation - every penny helps restore nature around the UK

  • Volunteering - join our growing list of helpers

  • Sponsorship - we'll plant trees on behalf of your company

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