Like every parent I worry about the future we’re leaving our kids, which is why I (Kaz) founded Green Up Britain. We're a female-led Community Interest Company focused on restoring nature to help mitigate climate change.

We’ve planted over 3,000 native trees across England and Wales since we established in 2021. And work tirelessly with councils, communities, companies, individuals and licensed tree nurseries, to ensure British-grown trees are planted correctly, in correct locations, with protection (from drought, animals or vandalism) while they establish.  

Get in touch if you'd like to arrange planting with us, or see our events page to buy your own tree for our next get-together. 
In the mean-time, we have many more diverse and exciting nature-restoring projects in the pipeline, and you can get involved and/or keep up to date with what we're doing by joining our members page, or visiting our blog.


As a non-profit company we exist entirely on donations, meaning you can help us continue our work by buying items from our shop, or gifting us money, no matter how small.


Thank you. Together we can Green Up Britain to clean our air and water, reduce flooding, increase biodiversity, save struggling wildlife, improve soil quality and our own mental health. Together, we can give future generations a future to enjoy.