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Kaz Bishop

We care deeply about our environment and work hard to restore British wildlife.


Since Kaz Bishop organised the first community tree-planting event back in 2021, Green Up Britain has grown to a large team of volunteers who've planted over 4,500 trees across England and Wales.


We've also given Farnham its first Seed Bank

We restore nature to mitigate climate change.

Did you know that the UK is one of the world's most nature-depleted countries? We've lost almost 60% of our flying insects, and have only 2.5% of our ancient woodland, the richest and most complex terrestrial habitat in the country, left. Without this essential biodiversity we'll experience more frequent climate disasters (find out more here), which is why we're working hard to restore it.


Bespoke nature-restoration projects.

By collaborating with councils, communities, companies, landowners and licensed tree nurseries we ensure British-grown flora is planted correctly, in correct locations, with protection from drought, deer and vandalism. We'll plant with you or for you, and will find the perfect project to suit your needs. For a corporate planting day quote click here, and for info on our previous collaborations visit our Blog. If you'd like us to plant trees on your behalf, please get in touch or give us a donation.


High standard of care.

Our strict policy ensures none of our plants fail, and in unlikely event they do we'll replace them at our own expense. All our planting sites are carefully researched, and we always ensure a system is in place to look after them for at least three years.  


Zero greenwashing. 

We only work with organisations who are looking to help replenish our environment. We have a strict anti-greenwashing policy and we will not work with companies who are greenwashing. A full list of our sustainable practises can be viewed here, but in short we purchase UK-grown plants, make our own peat-free compost for planting, and look to add water butts at our sites to reduce the use of tap water. We've also formed an allegiance with Plastic Free Farnham, and have pledged to help our town gain plastic-free status as well as reduce our own plastic use.

Community engagement.

We're always looking for ways to improve our local community, and to include anyone and everyone in our projects. It's hard not to be impacted by the dire state of our environment these days, so empowering people to safeguard our ecosystems is one of our top priorities.


By holding several hands-on projects throughout the year we help raise money to continue our work, and make a positive change to our local environment. You can keep up-to-date with these projects on Instagram, LinkedIn and TikTok, and catch our next community meet-up on our Events page.

Community events in Farnham...

Farnham fundraiser 2023
Kaz giving a talk on biodiversity at Farnham Sustainability Festival
Free wildflower seed giveaways for the general public
susfest23. stall
Plastic-free crafting with kids
Community tree planting day
Free wildflower giveaway
Farnham Sustainability Festival fundraiser 2022
Nature-inspired crafting with kids
UCA Green Week
Plant and seed swap event at Farnham malting
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