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How to Discuss Climate Change with Kids

Updated: Feb 11, 2022

Don't scare them but definitely tell them.

Considering how important climate change is, it's astonishing kids don't learn about it in school! I'm no expert in this, I've just read a fair few articles to help me understand the best way to approach it with my own kids and what I've learnt I'll share with you. To make things easier I've broken down this article into age groups because, as every parent knows, kids process information differently as they grow.


At this age it's a good idea to instil a deep love and respect for nature. Kids are impressionable when young and gain their sense of self and perspective from their parents. So it's up to us to teach them the importance of the natural world. It's our job to help them grow into healthy, responsible stewards of the planet. This doesn't have to be complicated, in my house we built a pond, wormery, worm hotel, bug- and hedgehog-house; housed caterpillars and released the butterflies; planted fruit trees, fruit bushes, vegetables, wild flower seeds and bee-friendly plants (they love clover and lavender btw); we made bird feeders and went exploring around the garden to find as many creatures as possible, and discussed everything we saw. My daughter loved it, every single bit, especially the bug house.

But regardless of what you decide to do the most important thing is to spend as much time in nature as possible. Because if our kids don't respect and appreciate the natural world around them, they won't have a reason to look after it when they're older.