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We sold 21 silver birch trees at Farnham Sustainability Festival

Updated: Nov 3, 2023

What a great day! The weather was amazing and the atmosphere was too. There were some fantastic stalls - the Farnham Community Farm (who we give 5% of our online donations to) had a brilliant food stall with a range of delicious home-grown plant-based meals and cakes, plus we talked to a fantastic nappy library stall who supply low cost cloth nappies. I wish I knew this existed, as talking to them I discovered that one year of nappies is the equivalent of 40 full bin bags! That's a lot of plastic in landfill that will take 100s of years to degrade. Even if, like me, you use eco nappies, the plant-based plastic still takes a long time to break down, and that's if they're not incinerated by your local council. Find out more about their amazing work here:

We met some lovely people too - some of whom bought silver birch saplings from us, reusable glass coffee cups or canvas bags - the money raised from all our sales will be used to Green Up Britain, plus one tree will be planted, by us, from every purchase. We'll keep you updated on where the trees will be planted in our next blog posts.

You can help us Green Up Britain via -

  • Donation - every penny helps restore nature around the UK

  • Volunteering - join our growing list of helpers

  • Sponsorship - we'll plant trees on behalf of your company

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