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Why do I keep finding bees on the floor?

Updated: Nov 3, 2023

If like me you keep finding dead bees on the ground when you're out and about, it's worth knowing that:

  • Bees can only fly 40 minutes without food

  • Bees need water

Numbers are crashing in the UK, and with continued habitat loss these important pollinators are relying more and more on our gardens for nectar. We all know the essential role they play in our food- and eco-system, so we need to act fast to save them. See below for nine ways to help them right away.

1. Plant nectar-rich flowers

Lavender, sedums, borage, scabious, honeysuckle and crab-apple are great, while plants with double or multi-petalled flowers are difficult to access and often lack nectar. Wildflowers are an easy way to cater for bees.

2. Plant for all seasons

A range of nectar-rich shrubs, perennials and annuals will provide food from early spring to late autumn.

3. Let grass grow

Clover, speedwell and dandilions are nectar-rich and could save a hungry bee.

4. Ditch the poisons

Avoid treating your garden with synthetic pesticides, fertilisers and herbicides as they harm bees and other wildlife. Use natural solutions instead.

5. Make a bee bowl

Fill a bowl with stones and water, ensuring stones break the water’s surface.

6. Plant trees

Bees get most of their nectar from trees, which provide thousands of blossoms and are an essential habitat. Help them by planting with Green Up Britain.

7. Care for exhausted bees

Place a grounded bee on a nectar-rich flower or offer a 50:50 sugar-water mix.

8. Give bees a home

Leave an untouched space in your garden for bumblebees to build nests. Solitary bees live in small hollows, and bee hotels (which are easy to make or buy), are perfect for them.

9. Teach Tomorrow’s Bee Stewards

Get your kids/grandkids buzzed about bees by explaining how amazing they are, and how important they are too.

You can help us Green Up Britain via -

  • Donation - every penny helps restore nature around the UK

  • Volunteering - join our growing list of helpers

  • Sponsorship - we'll plant trees on behalf of your company

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