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Farnham now has a seed bank!

On November 1st we launched a seed bank at the Maltings Arts and Cultural Centre in Farnham, to help increase biodiversity in gardens.

It was so much fun decorating the space, and it was a fantastically busy morning with around 40 people coming in to chat and share flower tea. We, very gratefully, received a mountain of seed donations too, to get the seed bank started. And we hope everyone will make use of the free seed oddballs, plantable business cards, and giant seed bombs we gave away in goodie bags.

In the next few months we'll be planning another seed bank meet up, where we'll arrange some inspirational talks from green-fingered people who know their stuff re wildlife and eco-gardening. We'll encourage people to bring along any spare seeds and veggie seedlings to share too.

To use the see bank, and join our eco-community, email for the code to unlock it. Here's to an exciting year of gardening ahead.

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