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If you live in Farnham, please complete this survey...

Updated: Nov 3, 2023

...because we need your help to reduce town-centre pollution.

Over the past few years many residents have asked for our town centre to be pedestrianised in order to cut pollution and make it a safer social space to enjoy. Sadly, however, it just hasn't happened, which is why the survey below is so important.

During the next few weeks, local councils are consulting the public about road changes in our town centre. And although the outcome of current plans could be to pedestrianise it, strong public support will go a long way towards helping to make it happen.

To see details on the proposal, and take part in the survey, click here:

And please share this link with all your Farnham family and friends.

You can help us Green Up Britain via -

  • Donation - every penny helps restore nature around the UK

  • Volunteering - join our growing list of helpers

  • Sponsorship - we'll plant trees on behalf of your company

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